Pinterest Marketing

Drive More Traffic to Your Website with Pinterest

Among the most interesting marketing advantages Pinterest provides is the ability to drive extra traffic to your website. Pinterest boasts more than millions of unique views, which is incredible, especially for a new website. If you depend on your website for sales and marketing results, traffic is important. Study is already showing that Pinterest is superb for traffic generation. In fact, while it simply passes most social media sites, itís even beating out Facebook, social network heavy-hitter for many marketing experts today. Do not make the mistake of neglecting that amount of potential traffic.

You know already that converting visitors into sales or leads is important for marketing success. Pinterest marketing provides you the ability to turn browsers into buyers. In fact, it decreases the steps that come between conversion and discovery. Pinterest allows people to see something and easily follow the path to buy it, since they are only a few clicks away from the e-commerce site providing the service or product. Other social media websites generally fail to improve conversion rates so considerably, making Pinterest worthy of each and every marketerís observe.

Online connectivity is a critical factor for social media advertising success. Pinterest makes it simple by integrating with other websites. You can connect it to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, allowing you to make the most of every pin. Integrating these accounts allows pins to be discussed on Twitter and Facebook too, improving your overall marketing results.

Why our Business needs Pinterest Marketing Management Services?

Other than being the third-most visited social networking site, please check out the following things which will make you to be part of this community

  • Click through rate(CTR) is more compared to Facebook.
  • People spend almost all of their time spent on this network compared to Twitter and Facebook.
  • 80% of the members are women.
  • Unique audience.
  • Most exciting pins are posted/pinned compared to other social networking sites.

Why you need to hire Om Digitech for your Pinterest Marketing Management Services?

We are using this social media site for over 350+ clients and we know the best way to use it successfully to promote clients business.