Linkedin Marketing

Online Marketing focused at the three commonly used social networking sites is the most effective way to advertise your business across the internet. While Twitter and Facebook provide as the preferred marketplace for general B2C retailers, LinkedIn is considered as the major destination for B2B marketing where organizations are likely to interact with niche customers / groups, with specific interests.

Although LinkedIn generally caters to the selecting requirements of companies, offering direct accessibility to profiles of professionals and those in their group , it can also be used to direct users to company particular websites or blogs, thereby enhancing visitor count and business prospects. Twitter and Facebook may provide to follow latest business developments, but LinkedIn is the resource for company specific details, other than the business's website.

Om Digitech set up your client’s LinkedIn profile, add friends, optimize important elements, join groups, and participate in discussions to develop good marketing linkages.

We set up social interaction and social sharing buttons into your client’s blog or website so that their audience can quickly connect and share content. We also set in place social media analytics to gain ideas into LinkedIn traffic.

Our LinkedIn Marketing services include:

  • Help you join business-particular groups and Interact with LinkedIn members.
  • Responding to general business / subject specific queries to promote your presence.
  • Creation of LinkedIn profile for your prominent members / company.
  • Advertising access to your blogs and company website using appropriate links from your LinkedIn profile, and also allowing users to view your LinkedIn profile from your blogs and website to make business credibility according to your network, experience and recommendations. We will improve these reciprocal links in such way that they won’t interfere with internet search engine ranking procedure. Only links (in-bound or out-bound) that make a difference most to your business targets will be implemented.
  • Creation of a Team relevant to your business / company

All content for LinkedIn marketing will be designed for industry-specific keywords that presently craze in user searches. Allow us to help you in advertising your business on LinkedIn, the best social network for serious professionals and businesses, who are searching for the best products / business and services deals in their particular domains.